The Infamous Middle Finger

"Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on."
— Henry Rollins (via observando)
"I could write a fucking novel about the ache of missing you."
— S.B. (via sunflower-mama)
"Better alone than badly accompanied."
— Candace Bushnell (via stevenbong)
"I’ll never get over how much time I wasted on you.."
— (via ugly-x)
"Because alcohol tastes better than tears."
— Six Word Story (via thestarstheyshineforyou)
"my mother’s trust issues are leaking into my chest
and I’ve got my father’s nose and his tendency to
stop calling back
so I’m sorry
about the 9 missed calls I have from you
and the 6 voicemails I never played
I swear I’d love you if I could"
— (via extrasad)